This McDonald’s Commercial for Super Mario Toys is Torturously Cute

super mario nintendo mcdonald's

Too cute for human consumption.

Japan often gets a lot of things right, and cuteness is one of them. You have Hello Kitty. Cute. Pikachu. Cute. Chocobos. Cute. Yoshi. Cute. We don’t know how they do it, and that’s okay; it’s probably through some form of adorable sorcery. Nevertheless, they’ve done it again.

The latest cute thing to come out of the Land of the Rising Sun is a commercial for Super Mario toys arriving at McDonald’s restaurants throughout Japan. We certainly can’t get any of the toys while we’re an ocean away, but we can at least live vicariously through the joyous, smiling faces of total strangers being brought together in utter rapture at the presence of a spinning plastic Luigi.


Let’s be honest, it’s a perfectly sound reaction. I’d challenge you to react any differently if these toys all suddenly landed in your lap. Seriously, those toys are pretty great. Send these toys to the Twinfinite office, McDonald’s. We need them. You know, for research.

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