Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Expansion Gets Release Date and New Details

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Now with bonus HK-55.

Bioware announced that they will be releasing the first chapter in the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion titled Knights of the Fallen Empire on Feb 11.

This will be the first of seven chapters which will “build on the personal story of the Outlander” and is titled Anarchy in Paradise. In this expansion, players will be working with a new character called Firebrand, who’s out to destroy the Eternal Empire and crush its seat of power, the Eternal Crown, by any means necessary. Throughout the chapter, the players actions will decide how far he or she will be willing to go to stop the Eternal Emperor but Bioware warns that “Players will experience the grim consequences of their past decisions and feel the grip of the hand of fate on their dangerous journey. ”

Bioware also announced that all of the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion content will only be available to subscription owners, but on the plus side, all seven chapters will be free.

Along with announcing the release date of the first Knights of the Fallen Empire chapter, Bioware also revealed that players who subscribe by Jan 11 will get HK-55 as a permanent personal companion. On top of that, players who remain subscribers from Feb through Aug 2016 will get “an in-game reward item themed to HK-55’s gear and weapons along with two-day Early Access to the chapter releasing that month” each month. Also players who subscribe by Feb will get a HK-55 themed Jetpack mount and those that subscribe from Jan till Aug will get a bonus chapter where they’ll be able to play as HK-55.

So are you interested in trying the first chapter in the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion? Let us know in the comments below.

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