Halo 5’s Infinity Armory Brings Halo 2’s Battle Rifle, the Greatest Weapon in the Series

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Another month, another free map pack for Halo 5. Just like the one from last month, the Infinity Armory pack gives players new skins, new maps, and the return of a classic weapon.

The two maps are Arena mode’s Riptide, set inside a partially flooded facility that’s “a brand new take on Fathom”, and Urban, a human city that’s about to get blown to pieces courtesy of Warzone Assault. Seriously, check out that trailer below. It’s gonna be chaos. Also added are new Assassinations, one of which lets players slice an enemy’s throat. Harsh.

Halo 5’s newest pack also includes new armor: there’s the Achilles set, the Atlas set, and the Mark V Alpha set. Among the new weapons added are the Needle Rifle (basically the love child of a Needler and a Carbine), and the return of the greatest weapon in the series. That’s right, the Battle Rifle from Halo 2 has been added, and it looks like it’ll be a death dealer, just like the old days.

If you want to see how all of this sweet goodness will be, 343 will be hosting a livestream this Friday at 3 PM PST to show off Riptide and Urban.

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