Final Fantasy XIII’s Lightning Just Gave an Interview, Apparently Loves Being a Model

lightning final fantasy xiii

Who would have guessed?

Final Fantasy XIII star Lightning is now starring in Louis Vuitton’s new ad campaign. Though some fans were sad to see their hero used in a fashion line, “Lightning” came forward in an exclusive “interview” with The Telegraph to “say” she loves her new gig.

When asked about her fellow campaign stars, Lightning responded, “They are in a completely different world.” This is accurate, because they exist.

“I hope that one day, we can share the same stage, that different worlds can come together. But who knows?” she ponders. “Maybe that’s ambitious, even for me.”

Her responses are fairly deep for a non-sentient being, as well as chock-full of cheeky references to “experience,” “lightning,” and “fantasy.” She goes on to say Nicolas Ghesquière’s designs have changed her, that replacing tough armor with style has brought her new meaning in life.

We’re still not joking here.

What would you ask Lightning if you, like The Telegraph, could commune with her otherworldly spirit? Let us know in the comments, and for more, check out some of today’s top stories below.

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