Deadpool Teaches You How to Touch Yourself in Testicular Cancer Awareness Video

“Testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer in men aged between 15 and 35,” Deadpool says as he mindlessly rolls two pool balls in his hand. That’s why the Marvel antihero is here, sharing tips for testicular self-checks.

Deadpool recommends scrutinizing your “smooth criminals” at least once a month, and shares the best techniques for checking them, the spermatic cord, and the epididymis for lumps, size changes and other irregularities. Should any be found, he says, don’t ignore it and speak with a doctor.

Playing Deadpool in the testicular PSA is Ryan Reynolds, who published the video on his YouTube account and also stars in the upcoming Deadpool movie due to release Feb 12.

You can learn more about testicular cancer and its symptoms at the American Cancer Society website.

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