Officer Chun-Li Spotted in Street Fighter V Beta, Will Kick Your Butt and Issue a Citation

Officer Chun-Li is here to give you your citation – and a kick to the face!

Street Fighter V’s beta client got quite a hefty update recently, and it seems that it included some alternate costumes for the game’s characters.

So far, its been revealed that several characters have received new alternate costumes. The alternate costumes that have surfaced so far are, battle-damaged M. Bison (very similar to the one he wore in Street Fighter IV), a tribal-techno armor of sorts for Necalli, new costumes for Mika and Zangief, an all new dress for Karin, a more military-esque outfit for Cammy, multiple Alpha costumes, a risqué little outfit for Laura, and Chun-Li gets to show off her officer uniform.

The officer uniform that Chun-Li is wearing was featured in some Street Fighter V artwork a while back. This led to speculation that it would most likely end up being DLC once the game was released. Looks like the speculation may have been right all along.

Street Fighter V, Officer, Chun-Li

A model for the fighter Alex was found amongst the data in the update for the beta, but the file path for the model suggests he’s only there for his appearance in the New York City stage.

Not much else is known about the beta’s latest patch just yet other than the costumes though we’re sure more will surface as time goes by. So what do you think of these alternate costumes?

Street Fighter V is set to release on Feb. 16 for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

[Source: NeoGAF]

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