Steven Universe Had a Canceled Game and All We Have are These Screenshots

Crying waffle is crying.

Steven Universe is an awesome show, and it seems like a video game would be perfect for it, right? It’s about a boy who travels the world (and sometimes space) with three alien warriors to protect the planet. If there’s any Cartoon Network show that seems like it needs a video game right now (aside from Adventure Time), Steven would be it. While there is one on mobile devices that’s really good, a console game would be pretty sweet, right?

We don’t know if that’ll ever happen, but we do know that at one point, developer Christina Antoinette Neofotistou was working on a Steven Universe game that’s now cancelled. Still, that didn’t stop her from tweeting two screenshots of what could’ve been.

Like the Breakfast Friends that Steven watches, we are all crying today. Just think about it…a game where you perform combos with a pink lion and a girl with a giant sword. Ugh, we could’ve had it all.

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