Watch Quicksilver and the Flash Decimate a Perfectly Good City

The Flash New 52

That’s a lot of blur..

We all wonder who would win an showdown, DC’s The Flash or Marvel’s Quicksilver. Today we get that answer in the third episode of Minute Match-Ups:

How about that Flash pun eh? If his witty jokes won’t do it for you, how about his amazing costume? Quicksilver’s costume from the newest X-Men movies was used in this video, and not his hideous green one from the comics of old.

Besides the costumes, the video wonderfully displayed the powers of both of these speedsters’ powers in the epic showdown. It was quite impressive to see the special effects used to capture the sense of speed of both heroes. We even got a “quick” cameo of DC-fan Greg Miller of Kinda Funny in there too.

If you’re interested, ismahawk’s Youtube channel has a great making-of video too:

What did you guys think? Looks like in the next video we’re getting Daredevil! Who should he fight? What heroes would you love to see in another video? Let us know in the comments below!

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