Take a Sneak Peak at Some Gravity Rush Remastered Gameplay

gravity rush

Say goodbye to gravity!

Originally released back in 2012 on the PS Vita, Gravity Rush is the unique cel-shaded game which allows players to be free from the chains of gravity as they traverse a gorgeous world.

Upon its release, Gravity Rush received positive reviews from critics and was popular amongst gamers for its unique style and gameplay mechanics. It was announced earlier this year that the game would be released on the PlayStation 4 in the form of a remastered edition which will be released on February 2 2016. To get fans excited, the PS4 version was livestreamed on Nico Nico and was played by Director Keiichiro Toyama.

A sequel to the game, Gravity Rush 2, is currently in development for the PS4 and is expected to be released sometime next year. A gameplay trailer was released at the Tokyo Game Show earlier this year.

Looks like 2016 will be a great year for Gravity Rush fans!

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