Batman: Arkham Knight’s Season of Infamy Drops Tomorrow, Future Content Teased


Season of Infamy introduces some familiar faces.

During the final episode of the Arkham Insider of 2015, we’ve got the official release date for Rocksteady’s final piece of additional content for Batman: Arkham Knight, Season of Infamy alongside the Dark Knight costume skin, which arrives Dec. 22. There’s also an exclusive interview that indeed teases future content for Arkham Knight. Check out the video down below to see it yourself.

(Around the 9:00 mark, Sefton Hill is asked about the future for Arkham Knight)

During the interview creative director Sefton Hill was asked if this is “categorically the end of Batman for Rocksteady.” his reply was


The video was cut off and within a split second, you saw a quick glimpse of Scarecrow. We can presume that what Sefton Hill was about to say were the future plans for Arkham Knight, possibly future content for 2016? Or possibly a whole different DC game? Who knows. What do you think Sefton Hill was about to say? Leave a comment down below.

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