Metal Gear Solid V The Lost Tapes Tracklist Revealed

metal gear solid

That sounds good.

Metal Gear Solid: The Lost Tapes soundtrack was recently announced by Konami and now more information has been released about the album, including the tracklist. The 12 tracks are as follows:

  • A Phantom Pain
  • Behind the Drapery
  • Dormant Stream
  • Nitrogen
  • All the Sun Touches
  • Different State
  • 204863
  • Defiance
  • Planet Scape
  • Montage
  • Death Metal Gear – Ground Up Zeroes
  • How ’bout Them Zombies Ey?

There will be two different versions released, a limited edition and a regular one. The limited edition will include a real cassette tape like the one seen in the game and will contain the tracks. The regular edition will just be a CD and booklet. The album is set to be released on March 20 of next year and those outside of Japan will need to import it.

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