Real Talk: Should the PlayStation Vita Be Shot Behind a Shed?

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The PlayStation Vita hasn’t exactly had the easiest time on the market. It had some tough competition in the form of the Nintendo 3DS and these common little devices you may know as cellphones. Sony had proven that they knew how to make a solid home console, but the handheld sector just seemed beyond the company’s reach.

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But just because it’s had a tough time doesn’t mean it’s done for, does it? Many individuals out there are still intrigued by the device, and it does have its uses. But do the uses warrant a purchase, and does it have a leg to stand on in the future? Well, those are questions that aren’t always so simple to answer. Like most video game hardware out there, the PS Vita has its pros and cons that may affect the way you feel about it.

So let’s take a look at those pros and cons and see if the Vita can survive, or if it should finally be taken out behind the shed and shot down. 

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