Holiday Gift Ideas for Fans of Any Fighting Game

fighting games mortal kombat street fighter v dragon ball gift ideas

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fighting games mortal kombat street fighter v dragon ball gift ideas

While there are certainly a lot of different fighting games to get into, and we’ll look at specific games later on, there are a lot of gifts that players of any fighting game would love.

Fight Stick – A simple controller is fine for a fighting game pleb like myself, but some fans need to have the creme de la creme of input devices. For fighting games, those come in the form of fight sticks – finely tuned joysticks and button layouts to give players the best control over their vicious avatars. Now these aren’t exactly cheap gifts, especially if you’re looking into a good one, but it’s something your special someone will definitely put to good use.

Apparel – Sometimes it’s hard finding a gift that a person can and will use. Figuring out what they need, and which one to get can be difficult (and expensive), but one thing everyone can use is clothing. There are plenty of sites out there that sell amazing video game based clothing such as Redbubble and Eternal Rival with plenty of designs to please everyone.

Console – If you’re shopping for someone who loves fighting games, why not upgrade their setup? The PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U all make great holiday gifts, and each one has a fighting game worth getting excited about.

Games – There are plenty of fighting games out there that are really great and begging to be played. Maybe your special someone is bored of the game they’re on, so go an expand their library. Here are some solid (and recent) fighting games.

You can even preorder Street Fighter V if you want to be ahead of the rush.

Of course, there are specific games with very large followings, and you may need something a bit more focused…

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