Man Hit by Car While Playing Fallout 4 in Home, Says Gaming Chair Saved His Life

A player in Irving, TX was enjoying an evening with Fallout 4 this past Sunday, and everything was rad until a Hyundai Sonata hit him in his own home.

As reported by CBS, Ben Rose was struck by a car that rammed right through the wall of his apartment. Rose was enjoying quality time with his Xbox, in a gaming chair he says saved his life.

“You play in a wasteland and then your apartment turns into a wasteland,” Rose said. “Cars versus people don’t really end up well. So I really thought it was over.”

Ben says his chair took the brunt of the hit, and prevented a far worse outcome.

“The chair is what saved me, without a doubt. That took the impact. It pushed me out of the way. It kept me from going under the car.”

fallout 4 man hit by car in home

Rose is facing a fractured vertebra and a sliced Achilles tendon, and because the driver was uninsured, he’s footing bills for damages and medical care as well. His friends have started a GoFundMe page to help him get back on his feet. It’s raised a third of its funding goal so far.

“Words cannot express my gratitude,” Rose responded to funders, promising to repay their love and thanking anonymous strangers for their kindness.

The Irving Police reported that the driver accidentally hit the accelerator rather than the breaks, plowing her right through the apartment instead of out her parking space as intended. Police also said no charges will be filed against the driver.

At the end of the day, Rose is thankful to be around. “I can’t take back what she’s done or what happened,” he shared. “But I’m still not in the hospital. I’m lucky it’s not worse. That’s all I’m going on.”

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