Confused Bystander Can’t Understand Why Gamers are Talking About Gotye So Much


Stepping up to openly question today’s media trends, local user Jim Stevens thinks the game industry’s sudden obsession with Gotye needs to be addressed.

“I’ve been seeing an alarming number of Gotye discussions – rankings, opinions, heated debates – seemingly out of nowhere,” said Stevens, who admitted to knowing little of either games media or the Belgian-Australian singer-songwriter.

Stevens called the year-end media attention “excessive” and “irresponsible” considering the artist hasn’t released music since 2011.

“It’s been four years since Someone That I Used to Know. I don’t think Gotye even talks about Gotye anymore.”

“You couldn’t even make a Top 5 list of his albums, there’s only 3!” Stevens said in frustration, closing out of a Gotye Wikipedia tab.

Soon after the interview, an adolescent child could be heard yelling from behind a closed bedroom door: “Geralt isn’t Gotye, Dad.”

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