Elder Scrolls Online Goes Free-to-Play This Weekend on PC and Xbox One

elder scrolls online

If you’re yet to try out The Elder Scrolls Online, then you’re in luck! This weekend, the game will go free-to-play and you will be able to download and play the game without having to pay on the PC and Xbox One.

The free trial begins on Thursday, December 10 up until Monday, December 14. Whilst The Elder Scrolls Online no longer requires a subscription fee, you do still usually have to pay to buy the game, but not this weekend.

All Xbox One players will need to do to get their free weekend is download it from the Xbox Live store once the free trial has begun. PC players will need to get hold of a code which will be needed. You can either get a code from a friend who has the game or one of these sites.

If you like the free trial then you will be able to purchase the full game fr 60% off and be able to continue where you left off. Crown packs, which can be purchased for the game will also be discounted by up to 40% whilst the free trial is on.

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