Buying the PC Port of Final Fantasy VII Nets You a Bonus Dashboard Theme

Cloud, Final Fantasy VII

Free themes are always nice.

Today during PlayStation Experience’s stage show fans of Final Fantasy VII were delighted to both see new gameplay footage for the upcoming remake, and learn that the PC port of the original game is available to download today on PlayStation 4. However they left one surprise for fans to find on their own: the PS4 version of the game comes packages with a lovely dashboard theme.

The theme plays Aerith’s Theme as you scroll through the dashboard, and features select moments from the Final Fantasy VII Remake announcement trailer. Thanks to @tokyofog for the heads up!

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII is now available to purchase on the PS4 PSN for $15.99. As a special launch deal it is currently marked down by 32%, putting it at $10.87 until Dec. 13, 2015.

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