Star Wars Battlefront: All Diorama Figurines and How to Get Them

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Just like General Grievous collecting lightsabers, there’s plenty to gather in Star Wars Battlefront. In DICE’s latest sci-fi shooter, you can unlock what’s called dioramas, which are action figure replicas of battles across the war zone of Star Wars Battlefront. Some of these will take time and patience but if you stay vigilant, you’re in for a treat.

AT-AT: Play 30 matches of Walker Assault.

T-47 Airspeeder: Win 10 matches of each Multiplayer game mode.

Shadow Trooper: Reach level 3 at least once on every Trait (Multiplayer).

Princess Leia: Achieve rank 50.

Sullustan Rebel: Complete all Battle missions on Master difficulty while playing against AI.

Luke Skywalker: Find all collectibles (Missions).

Darth Vader: Defeat 250 soldiers while playing as a hero (Multiplayer).

Scout Trooper: Preform 250 headshot kills (Multiplayer).

AT-ST: Beat all Survival missions on Master difficulty.

Emperor Palpatine: Collect every star on every mission.

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