PlayStation Network Suffers Connectivity Issues as Black Friday Commences (Updated)

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(Update) It seems things have returned to normal as the PlayStation Network is currently reporting all is well. Complaints from Twitter users seem to have come to a stop and many gamers are reporting that the service running well for them.

(Original Story) Black Friday is in full swing and retail outlets are packed full of customers hoping to bag a bargain. It seems it’s not just the retail outlets that are seeing a lot of customers, online stores are also having their own Black Friday sales. Sony is currently having its own Black Friday sale on digital games on the PlayStation Network and it seems the amount of people looking for deals may be the cause of some connectivity issues.

Many PlayStation users have started reporting that they’re having trouble with the PlayStation Network, but luckily, Sony is on the case.

No doubt this is just a result of the Black Friday deals and is nothing to be too concerned about. We’ll keep you updated as the situation unfolds. Until then, stay tuned to Twinfinite!

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