Naughty Dog Plans “At Least One, Maybe Two” More Games for Current Console Generation

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“I would hope we would release a game pretty soon.”

Naughty Dog is looking towards the future with the incoming release of Uncharted 4, and they see “at least one” more game coming to this generation’s consoles.

Community Strategist Arne Meyer says the team’s development cycle should yield one or two more games before the next generation of consoles. I would hope we would release a game pretty soon,” Meyer told Finder. “Yeah, our development cycles aren’t too long so and I have no idea how long this console generation really is going to last, but, yeah, there’s no doubt it should be in this console generation for sure.”

When asked whether Nintendo’s new NX console could signal the slowing of this generation, Meyer said that they “don’t know ahead of time when that cycle ends” and they’ll “just have to focus on making the best game we can on the hardware we do have.”

“I mean I have no doubt – I don’t know what the timelines are – but we have at least one, maybe two games left in the console generation, maybe more,” he continued. “Clearly we can release a game really late in a console generation and do well, right?”

Jury’s still out on what the new game could be. The studio was brainstorming ideas for another The Last of Us before Uncharted 4 development took over, and even says it would be difficult, though not impossible, to continue Uncharted without Nathan Drake.

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