Fallout 4 Gets an Easter Egg in Diablo 3 with New Patch

fallout 4

Talk about a chip off the ol’ Vault.

If you downloaded the new 2.4 patch for Diablo 3, you may find an item that’s a callback to Bethesda’s Fallout franchise.

As Kotaku found out, the folks at Blizzard have dished out a legendary gem that’s full of literally nothing but Fallout puns. It’s called “Boyarsky’s Chip”, named after Leonard Boyarsky, the man who works on Diablo 3 and was the art director for the original Fallout and a designer for Fallout 2. The chip is a reference to the original game’s story that had players search for a Water Chip for their underground vault.It doesn’t just stop at the name, though, check out the description in the picture below:


Heheheh, “never fall out”, I get it.

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