Fallout 4: What Each Secret Haircut Looks Like and Where to Find Them

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Fallout 4 lets you make a character as you see fit with a creator that has near infinite possibilities. One of the most important aspects of this moment is choosing the right hair to flaunt. Luckily, you don’t have to live forever with your choice. You can, indeed, get a haircut at a barber. Check out our guide on where to find him over here!

Not only will he allow you to switch up your hair, but you even have access to new ones.

The “Papi Chulo”

Fallout 4_20151111020920

The “Fallout Boy”

Fallout 4_20151111020951

The “Just Greasy Hair”

Fallout 4_20151111020959

The “Functional Member of Society Still”

Fallout 4_20151111021011

The “Macklemore”

Fallout 4_20151111021100

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