Fallout 4: There’s a Chem Station in Sanctuary Hills, By the Way

fallout 4 sanctuary hills

Fallout 4 allows you to craft a variety of items from things you find out in the world. Gone are the days when you’d be hoarding useless junk; it all serves a purpose now. Among cooking, weapons, and armor is chemistry. Chem stations allow you to craft things like medicine and beverages. In Red Rocket, it’s very easy to find each of these stations. However, it’s tougher in Sanctuary Hills.


Before you go and waste resources building a chem station there, head over to the back of a yellow house that we marked above. If you’re in workshop mode, it’ll be close to the edge of where you can build. Either way, you need to be in this mode once you find it so that you can pick it up and move it or store it in your workshop for later.


There you go, no wasted resources for you! Why would they hide it behind that house? Is it a meth den? Let us know in the comments below!

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