Fallout 4: How to Scrap and Dismantle Junk Items for Crafting Parts

fallout 4 scrap

Just as central to Fallout 4 as VATS or giving a thumbs up is item hoarding. Unadulterated, unabashed hoarding. Eventually, you’ll reach peak carrying capacity and start wading through the air like its hardened molasses. Keep wading towards some workbenches, where you can dismantle the dozens of toasters, guns, and skulls of your enemies into usable crafting parts.

Random junk, like aforementioned kitchen appliances and bones of your enemies, don’t actually get physically dismantled. They need to be transferred to the Workshop bench, and they will contribute to your available materials whenever you craft. When it comes to weapons and armor, head over to either the Weapons Workbench or the Armor Workbench. Here, you can permanently dismantle guns and outfits for specific parts.

Now you’re ready to sprint back out into the Wasteland, disrobe fresh corpses, and rebuild your toaster family. Good luck!

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