Fallout Shelter Gets a Thanksgiving Update for iOS and Android


Gobble, gobble!

Thanksgiving is typically a time for families and coming together before Black Friday. It’s a day where we all meet with our families to pig out while watching football, and that holds true even in the Fallout universe. And if you thought Fallout Shelter wasn’t going to celebrate the holidays, you’re thankfully mistaken.

As the Fallout Twitter has tweeted, a new update for Fallout Shelter has hit the iOS and Android marketplaces, and with it comes some holiday ornaments and Thanksgiving themed costumes for your Vault Dwellers to wear. How festive!

Hopefully, the food is at least lacking in radiation as well. Maybe there’s some themed food to go along with the holiday as well? What do you think Fallout Shelter will do for the rest of the holidays this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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