Black Friday Prank Sneaks a Free Falcon and Racist Printer into Target’s Deals

There’s only one place this Black Friday where you can nab discounts on enchanted mayonnaise, a bundle of 87 Air Bud DVDs, and a sweet invitation to Kyle’s Bar Mitzvah. It’s this unsuspecting Target, slathered in fake Black Friday advertisements.

These irresistible doorbusters are all thanks to Imgur user obviousplant, who snuck his own Black Friday flyers into the retailer’s weekly in-store ads. Because nothing says holiday spirit like 50% off a tent with an angry possum in it.

Take a look at the great, completely illegitimate ads in the gallery below.

Fake Black Friday Deals

This isn’t obviousplant’s first seasonal shenanigan either. Back in October, he went around planting fake Halloween costumes. Take a look if you want to see a Sexy Potato, Afraid of Socks, and 3 different versions of a guy named Stephen.

Not shopping for a special centaur this year? Check out our own roundup of the best Black Friday deals this year.

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