9 Anticipated Games That Could Get World Premieres at The Game Awards

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The Game Awards are coming on Dec. 3, and they’re bringing along 10 world premiers to the party. It was already revealed that one of the 10 games will be the recently announced Far Cry Primal. That’s certain to pique some interest, but not more than the nine mystery games left.

There’s just something about the unknown that sets minds racing. The possibilities are abundant with all of the upcoming releases due in the near future. So it’s only right that we speculate on what could be shown as we near the date of festivities.

Before we begin, keep in mind that not everything shown will be a brand spanking new game announcement. A world premier may be for a new trailer, or a demonstration. Far Cry Primal already had a reveal after all, but The Game Awards will reveal a world gameplay premier. So at least a few games you already know to get new promotional material.

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