Yoshinori’s Head Is the Most Important Part of Sony’s Paris Games Week Presser

Some fun in between the serious.

Sony’s Paris Games Week conference held a lot of announcements, reveals, and details on their upcoming lineup of games. We got a look at WiLD, PSVR, No Man’s Sky, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, Uncharted 4’s multiplayer, and so much more. Truly, it was an excellent conference for gamers. However, nothing was as important as when Street Fighter V’s segment started.

Yoshinori Ono, Producer for the series, took the stage wearing this.


They flopped around as he spoke, mystifying the entire audience. Tell us more, Yoshinori. Keep talking about Street Fighter V.


Left and right and up and down they would bob and weave as he paced about explaining details on Street Fighter V. They were his companions on the stage. His rock.

Never change, Yoshinori. Never change.

During this time, he announced that there would be six new fighters as well as a special trailer showing off Dhalsim as well as the release date.

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