Watch This AC Syndicate Glitch Turn Jacob into a Psychopath

Who are you fighting, Jacob?

Jacob Frye is the brawler twin of the Frye duo. He likes getting up in Blighters’ faces and shoving his weapons right in there. Look at his flawless technique and execution. The kukri just flies through the air with such finesse.

syndicate glitch

Sometimes, he even does it so hard they disappear into thin air.

syndicate glitch

Jacob, who are you fighting?

syndicate glitch

What demons have you encountered in your life, Jacob? Who do you see there? What has been unleashed?

syndicate glitch

Jacob, stahp. Please stahp.

syndicate glitch

If you look closely, the kukri just plops down once the blighter disappears. Truly, there has never been an assassin in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate that has caused templars to straight up vanish. Maybe Jacob isn’t even an assassin? Maybe he’s just imagining everything, picking fights with nothing on the street, extremely close to being taken away to the asylum.

Or maybe Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is just full of funny glitches.

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