Watch the New Star Wars Force Awakens Trailer, See the Beauty of the Universe

Can you feel it?

Star Wars is Really Big Deal, especially this year, what with that game coming out in a little under a month. There’s also a new film set to come out in two months. Tonight, during the Eagles v. Giants football game, Disney revealed a brand new trailer for The Force Awakens, and it may be the best Star Wars related thing to come from the films in a very long time.

The trailer speaks for itself, but if you’re someone who’s been dying to see or hear the new characters like Finn and Kylo Ren or chomping at the bit for returning faces like Han or Leia, your needs will be sated. Lightsabers, TIE fighters, and the Millennium Falcon all show up here, and it’ll make you feel like a kid watching the series for the first time again. It’s so beautiful.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters on December 18. Yeah, it’s far away, but you can pre-order your tickets now…maybe.

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