Until Dawn’s Halloween Accolades Trailer Makes It Look Scarier Than It Is

Play it, though.

The power of editing is wonderful. Sony and Supermassive Games showed off their editing chops with a new, thrilling Until Dawn Halloween Accolades trailer. The trailer features clips from the game set to scary, thumping music and a lot of fading to black.

If you haven’t already played Until Dawn, it’s the perfect Halloween game to play with friends (or alone, if you dare). Featuring an exciting story, unique gameplay, player choice, and amazing graphics and voice acting, it really is one of this year’s gems. Don’t let the horror scare you away, it’s not so bad and is in line for some of Twinfinite’s staff’s GOTY.

Recently, Sony showed off Until Dawn: Rush of Blood at Paris Games Week and developer Supermassive Games announced they’re working on another butterfly effect game.

You can grab Until Dawn right now for the PS4. What did you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

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