Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection – How to Get on the U-Boat

Get your platforming down.

The first series of platforming you’re going to go through in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is to get to the massive, rusty u-boat. After you break away from Sully, start swimming towards the waterfall and lean a bit to the right where you’ll find land to climb atop.

u boat walkthrough

Then, you’re going to want to head straight ahead to the small formation of rocks that you’ll be able to climb and there will be a vine you can swing on to your right.

u boat walkthrough 2

After swinging right, you’ll hop to the next platform after that.

u boat walkthrough 3

And then, climb up the little ledges that you’ll see on the wall to make it to the vine on the left.

u boat walkthrough 4

Swing to get to the next set of ledges, and jump.

u boat walkthrough 5

Move along those ledges until you can climb up and up and up onto the next platform.

u boat walkthrough 6

Run along this platform until you can climb up to yet another small ledge, where you can jump to a vine on your left.

u boat walkthrough 7

Climb up this vine until you make it to a ledge that you’re going to climb all the way around.

u boat walkthrough 8

Keep moving along this ledge until you can jump to climb on another platform.

u boat walkthrough 9

Run forward along this platform for a bit and jump to the next one.

u boat walkthrough 10

You’re going to run along this path until you can jump to the next platform.

u boat walkthrough 11

Move along this next platform until you reach a seemingly dead end. Hang on the ledge and drop down to the lower platform.

u boat walkthrough 12

Then, pull yourself up on this platform and jump to the next one on the right.

u boat walkthrough 13

Next, you’re going to want to drop down and move along the small ledges, and drop down right onto the U-boat.

u boat walkthrough 14

Next, it’s as easy as moving forward on this u-boat until you climb up the sort of mast area and can go inside a hole found there.

u boat walkthrough 15

If you continue past where you can climb, you can grab a treasure right on the tip of the boat, too. And there you have it, that’s how you make it past Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune’s first platform puzzle! How are you enjoying the Nathan Drake Collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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