Join 50,000 Twitch Viewers Currently Being Hypnotized by a Bob Ross Marathon

“Put on your creativity fro”

Beware: Twitch is airing nonstop episodes of The Joy of Painting, and thousands of viewers are being held hostage by Bob Ross’s soothing voice and OP brush strokes.

The Joy of Painting, a dual painting tutorial-hypnotherapy program from the 80s, features master magician Bob Ross making beautiful art in 30 minutes. Bob creates entrancing nature scenes with his signature quick-paint techniques, sometimes telling tales of his time in the army or being joined by a deer on camera. Because that is the magic of Bob Ross.

The Joy of Painting marathon will continue for 9 days, streaming all 403 in celebration of Bob’s birthday today. The Bob-athon also serves as a christening celebration for Twitch’s new Creative section, where streamers can showcase their drawing, crafting, and other artistic endeavors.

If you decide to “put on your creativity fro and create some happy trees alongside Bob Ross,” tweet out your results to @twitchcreates. In the warm, understanding, benevolent words of Bob, “you too can be an almighty painter.”

Also, this is important.

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