This Destiny Video Shows Why You Can’t Decode Your Own Engrams

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Some things you just can’t do.

In the early days of Destiny, many players felt that the Cryptarch wasn’t giving them a fair deal. Bungie even recognized this in a patch that ensured that the Cryptarch would give you the correct rarity of loot depending on the engram you turned in.

However, the system is still slightly luck based, and some people have worse luck than others. Destiny player GoldVision  got frustrated with getting too many useless items from the Cryptarch, so he decided to look behind the scenes and guess what it would be like if Guardians could just decode engrams without a stop at the Tower.

The process behind decoding engrams is actually detailed or seen in Destiny, but GoldVision’s experience seems to give a pretty solid explanation as to why players can’t try it themselves.

How has your luck been with loot drops in the latest Destiny expansion? Let us know in the comments.

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