Star Wars Battlefront’s Newly Discovered Easter Egg Will Kill You

There be Raiders in them hills.

Star Wars Battlefront’s Beta released yesterday, giving the world a first taste of revived blaster gameplay, a chance to take down menacing AT-ATs, and a peek at a hidden Tusken Raider easter egg.

While playing in survivor mode, Tusken Raiders can be found hidden in the hills, just on the outskirts of the map. The boostpack can get you a closer view, but eventually the Raider strikes you down, much like a certain scene in Episode 4.

Easter eggs are no surprise when you’ve got a lineage as rich as the Star Wars universe to work with, and we wouldn’t be surprised to find more come the game’s full release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC this Nov 15. Thanks to FunWithGuru, braving a shameless Raider death to grab up close and personal footage of this Star Wars treat. We salute you.

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