Rumor: Far Cry Primal Leaked Before Ubisoft Announcement Even Ends

Prehistoric sandbox fun?

The Ubisoft announcement is still, at time of writing, going with the speed of a dying snail. But to a link from IGN Turkey, the game we’re all waiting for an announcement of may in fact be… a new Far Cry game. Supposedly dubbed Far Cry Primal, the game may take players back to the prehistoric times when dinosaurs ruled the earth.

far cry primal leak ubisoft

Right now, take all of this with some grains of salt. Their news post comes up with a 403 Error, meaning the page is now forbidden. The IGN url, however, does show a preview with the image of a bearded, face-painted character.

What do you think? Would a prehistoric Far Cry game be something you’d grab? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. And while you wait, why not realize your own existential dread by staring at this caveman!

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