Rock Band 4’s December Update Will Let Players Import Rock Band 3 Songs

You can never have too much music.

Harmonix has done a lot of work to support Rock Band 4, including full support for last-generation instruments and backwards compatibility for its massive DLC library. The next step for Rock Band 4 is a feature update on Dec. 8, and they’ve now confirmed that owners of Rock Band 3 will be able to export its soundtrack into the new game.

On the Harmonix Blog, the Rock Band team confirmed some good and bad news about the Rock Band 3 export. The good news is that owners of Rock Band 3 will be able to move that game’s soundtrack into their Rock Band 4 library for $14.99. They also detailed a bonus feature that will be added to the songs from the 2010 game.

Any tracks from the Rock Band 3 disc with authored guitar solos will feature upgraded Freestyle Guitar Solo and Freestyle Vocal features. For those of you who haven’t played “Freebird” with Freestyle Guitar Solos (which is everyone except for the Harmonix staff), you are in for a real treat.

The bad news is that Harmonix will no longer be selling Rock Band 3. The game is unavailable on the PlayStation Marketplace, and it will be removed from the Xbox Live Marketplace on Oct. 30. Physical copies of the game will no longer be restocked at stores.

The exporting system for the game will be available for the foreseeable future. But those without copies of Rock Band 3 may want to pick them up soon, as they won’t be available for much longer. Harmonix also updated a chart that answers common questions about what previous Rock Band games will export to Rock Band 4.

Are there any legacy Rock Band songs you’re waiting to see with new Freestyle Guitar Solo and Freestyle Vocal features? Let us know in the comments.

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