Riot Games Bans Gragas from League of Legends Worlds Tournament After Bug

Now who will supply the drinks and stuns?

Riot Games has announced that they have banned the champion Gragas from the rest of the League of Legends World Tournaments due to a bug that was found during a match between Fnatic vs. EDG.

The bug was discovered 20 minutes into the second match between the two teams, and it prevented Gragas from using one of his abilities. While both teams later agreed to a rematch, Riot Games has decided to remove Gragas for the rest of the tournament despite the fact that Gragas was played during the rematch and did not encounter the bug again.


Along with banning Gragas, Riot has also banned Ziggs and Lux, as a similar bug was found with them as well. According to Riot Games, “We know that champion disables are disruptive to team strategies and didn’t want to rush a disable when the exact cause and the likelihood of the bug occurring were unknown.” They also added, “We don’t want to endanger the integrity of the upcoming games or risk additional remakes, so we are are disabling Gragas for the remainder of the tournament.” While Gragas was a popular pick during the Quarters, the remaining teams have a week to “adjust their strategies.”

So what do you think of the decision to ban Gragas from the rest of the League of Legends World Tournament? Let us know in the comments below.

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