New Futuristic PS4 Exclusive Matterfall Announced With Physics-Defying Trailer

Featuring matter… falling

Sony’s Paris Games Week press conference is underway, and as promised, we have footage of new PlayStation exclusives currently in the pipeline. Boundless took the show earlier with its mystical, portal-y world. Next came Matterfall, a futuristic action game.

As one might expect, Matterfall involves a lot of matter changing shape and, well… falling. Defeated enemies crumble into an assortment of red crystals. Even the city and large creatures are covered in this shiny material. It is in this rock-candy world that our mystery protagonist fights.

Fully clothed in a metamorphasizing armor that can spawn guns and even wings, mystery protagonist fights enemies humanoid and otherwise. Jumping onto a platform that materializes out of nowhere, because “matter,” our hero succumbs to a mob of crystal tentacles.

Matterfall comes to us from Sony’s XDev studio. We’ll keep you up to date on any additional details.

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