Kanye West Doesn’t Know In-App Purchases Can Be Turned Off Please Someone Tell Him

Oh, Kanye.

In-game purchases aren’t fun for anyone. If you’ve already paid full price for a game, you’ll feel like it’s shaking you down for even more money just for the hell of it. Like it or not, it looks like it’s slowly becoming more common, and not everyone is taking it well. One of those people is rapper Kanye West.

… Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an understatement. Can’t be fun to get a notification from your phone that your 2-year-old daughter has bought $20 worth of stuff from Candy Crush.

Kanye is apparently unaware that you can turn off in-app purchases in your settings, but people were willing to help him out.

Unless you’re White Castle, in which case, you use Kanye West’s anger to pimp your food to his 2 year old.

Or you’re just there to point out a game that North could be buying in-app purchases from.

Oh, Kanye. Even as a self-titled “Rap God,” you still have the same problems us mortals do.

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