This Guy’s Halo 5 Download Requires More Space than 300 Xbox Ones Can Hold

That’s so much space, it’s practically a galaxy.

If you’re planning to download Halo 5: Guardians when it launches at the end of the month, you may want to stock up on some external storage. How much space will you need, exactly? According to an error Twitter user Stepto recently received, around 131056.9 gigabytes worth. The poor guy’s probably better off just waiting until launch and grabbing the disc.

The actual download size for the game is upwards of 60GB, which means hopefully you won’t have to buy up 131TB of external storage when it launches exclusively for Xbox One on Oct. 27.

We had a go with the game’s various modes back at E3. Check out our impressions on the campaign, standard multiplayer, and Warzone.

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