Guitar Hero Live Promo Has Team Arrow Square Up Against Team Flash

Impossible no longer, you have rocked this city.

For weeks on both Arrow and The Flash, The CW has been hyping up a Guitar Hero Live battle between the cast members on both shows. Finally, on the day of the game’s release, Teams Arrow and Flash finally face off in a rock battle of the ages! Kinda.

It’s a bit misleading to hype up both casts going up against each other when it turns out that it’s just Flash’s Candice Patton (Iris West) and Arrow’s David Ramsey (Diggle) shredding on the guitar. It’s a short promo, but it’s sure to inspire some fan theories about who plays what on both teams. Something tells me that Cisco on Flash absolutely kills it on the bass and Laurel on Arrow’s got a rocking voice.

Guitar Hero Live is out now for the PlayStation, PC, and Xbox.

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