Get a Sneak Peek of Sony VR Exclusive Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Get scared in a whole new way.

Until Dawn was the sleeper hit, choose your own adventure game of 2015 and it was recently announced that it might receive an on-rails spin-off. This is Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, the spoopy virtual reality experience that takes advantage of the PSVR to its fullest. At Paris Games Week, Sony revealed more information on it and a new developer diary of sorts for the game.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is happening despite Supermassive denying it was working on add-on DLC for Until Dawn. They did say they were working on a new Butterfly Effect game, though, after rumors of an Until Dawn 2 were circulating.

What do you think of this new adventure in the Until Dawn universe? Are you excited for the VR potential? Let us know in the comments below!

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