Get a First Look at Far Cry Primal With New Screenshots and Concept Art

The beauty of the wild.

If you were wondering what was next for Far Cry, Ubisoft finally officially announced Far Cry Primal earlier today. This game takes players to what appears to be the stone age. Complete with archaic weapons, saber-tooth tigers, woolly mammoths, and tribal warfare, Far Cry Primal looks to take fans to a survival they haven’t experienced before. One that is more visceral, more innate, more..well primal.

While an announcement is cool and all, what fans really want is to see the game. Ubisoft was kind enough to release some truly amazing screenshots and concept art showcasing the harsh brutality of a time long since past. We’ve put them all together in one neat little gallery just for your perusal:

Gone is the reliance on radio towers and technology. Time to get in touch with your inner warrior once again as you get even closer to nature in the latest Far Cry.

Are you excited to run wild in Far Cry Primal? Hoping for some more ancient animal reveals? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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