Fallout 4 Will Have Remote Play Created by Former Destiny Designer

More ways to play Fallout 4 is always a good thing.

Fallout 4 is a few weeks away, and it’s going to take up all of the free time you thought you had. Today, Bethesda gave an extra piece of good news to Fallout fans who own a PlayStation 4 and Vita. Fallout 4 will have Remote Play, and its controls are being crafted by the same person who made Destiny’s controls for Remote Play.

The Bethesda Studios Twitter account shared a picture of Fallout 4 running on Vita, thanking Josh Hamrick for fine-tuning the controls.

While working at Bungie, Josh Hamrick designed a custom control scheme for Destiny on Remote Play. By using all of the Vita’s buttons and some limited touch controls, he managed to create a control scheme that felt very natural for the Vita despite its lack of buttons.

This is great news for Fallout players who can’t stand to be away from the game for too long. Now it’ll be even easier to keep playing the game and ignore family members during the holiday season.

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