Drop Rate Buff Microtransactions Aren’t Part of the Plan Says Destiny Design Lead

You can dance if you want to…

Destiny: The Taken King‘s Design Lead, Luke Smith took to Twitter to explain that Bungie isn’t planning on selling items that could affect item drop rates.

This past Tuesday, Bungie officially introduced the Eververse Trading Company to Destiny. Here Guardians could use the new currency Silver to buy emotes for their characters. To get ahold of Silver, players would have to spend real money — thus, introducing Destiny‘s first taste of microtransactions.

Gamers across the cosmos had plenty to say about the newly introduced store and worried if the game would ever sell something that wasn’t cosmetic. Luke Smith hoped to calm the growing paranoia surrounding the issue.


The Eververse Trading Company (which is located at the Tower) is currently only selling emotes such as the golf clap, come at me bro taunt, and even the famous Carlton dance. You can see these in game aplenty if you hop into the Iron Banner playlist that’s running for a limited time.

What are your thoughts about Destiny‘s newest addition? Are you paranoid that the game might eventually sell something more monumental? Even so, does it matter? Tell us what you think in the comments, and if you’ll excuse me I have plenty of dancing to do.

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