The Black Ops 3 Trailer Has to Have These 7 Celebrity Cameos

There’s a celebrity in all of us.

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Chris Pratt


He’s guarded our galaxies, he proved everything is awesome, and he saved the planet with his army of velociraptors. At some point, Chris Pratt is gonna cross with Call of Duty, and Black Ops 3 may as well be it. Like the franchise, Pratt is kind of silly, but so endearing that you just can’t help but be sucked in.  

True to his goofball typecasting, Pratt would show up in the trailer as Prophet. He’d run into action and start filling everyone with lightning while making silly faces and dancing. He’d also proudly tell Thor to “suck it.” And then someone would knife him in the throat and teabag him, because this is Call of Duty.

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