7 Upcoming Games That Would Be Improved if They Had PS VR Support

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Gran Turismo

PlayStation VR

When you think of racing simulation games, it’s highly likely that one of the first series you think of is PlayStation’s Gran Turismo. With Gran Turismo 7 set to come to the PlayStation 4, although no solid release date has been given yet, it seems like a perfect match for the PlayStation VR experience.

The Gran Turismo series has always prided itself on an ultimate simulation experience, offering stunning graphics, realistic car handling and an extensive amount of content. Therefore sitting in the driver’s seat of a Nissan GT-R, hurtling down the final straight of Laguna Seca at a blistering pace, and the engine roaring is the perfect experience for PlayStation VR. PlayStation President Shuhei Yoshida has already voiced his support for Gran Turismo 7 and PlayStation VR to be compatible with one another, surely it’s only a matter of time now. Here’s hoping.

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