The 10 Best Life Is Strange Moments We’ll Keep Rewinding Back To

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Spoiler Alert!

As the title suggests, this feature is going to talk about some of the best moments from the series. In case you haven’t played the series before and would like to avoid any spoilers, it’s probably best you turn back now. You have been warned!

First Instance of Rewinding Time (Episode 1)

Life is Strange

Once you’d finished taking in all of the goings on down the corridor to the toilet from Mr. Jefferson’s class, Life is Strange introduced you to its premiere gameplay mechanic of rewinding time. It’s not like it throws a small, relatively insignificant event to show you the ropes either. Nope, just saving a girls life…who turns out to be your best friend that you haven’t spoken to in a couple of months, from the local psychopath.

At that point, we had no idea the significance of that very moment and the photo we took of the butterfly. It would all become very clear soon enough, though.

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