Watch Zelda and Princess Peach Get Into a Titanic Royal Showdown

Royalty Rumble!

Nintendo’s Zelda from her titular Legend of series and Princess Peach from Mario are two of the most famous figures for royalty in games. Gamers have not only saved them, but played as them. We’ve all seen them face off in rounds of Smash Bros or arguments at cons, but we’ve never seen them duke it out in real life…until now.

In this fun short film from AndrewMFilms, who’s previously did a short film on a Lego FPS, Hyrule’s royal highness and the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom go face to face. And it is pretty brutal. Who knew Peach was that good with a parasol?

We gotta ask: Princess Peach vs. Zelda. No powerups, no Final Smashes, just their natural abilities. Who do you think would win? Personally, my money’s on Princess Peach. Zelda wouldn’t stand a chance against her. Let us know in the comments below.

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